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I accidentally lacerated two fingers on my left hand while working on a leather project, ended up at the E.R. where they stitched one and then recommended I see a hand surgeon for the worst one .My wife insisted I go to Peak to see Dr. In Sok Yi. Well she was right! He was great in his explanations, care and solution. Once again I am glad I listened to her!!! These doctors are the best!

- L.R.

Dr. Yi is first and foremost very knowledgeable. He took the time to call me personally with the results of my outside tests. He is very personable and is genuinely interested in his patients. He instills confidence.

- K.L.

I have dealt with the pain and discomfort of a duty related wrist injury for eight years now the workers comp doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong - even with an MRI.

Dr. Yi figured it out in one meeting, and now I have my wrist 'back' & feeling 100%. Thank God for Dr. Yi!

- T.S.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Dr. Yi was able to repair an ulnar nerve entrapment in my hand, giving me functioning fingers and movement again. There was an obvious release in my wrist and hand use as well as the mental and emotional relief. Dr. Yi is fantastic in skills and “bedside manner”. Kudos to Dr. Yi!

- Lisa N.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Although I have always referred all my patients and my family to Peak Orthopedics as it is, I had no idea what to expect when it came time for my own total hip replacement!

Dr Craig Loucks was unbelievable! The procedure only took one hour in an outpatient surgical center and I was home that evening, pain free and walking on my new hip!

Dr Rob Greenhow replaced my fathers hip several years ago and he cruised through it at 82 years old like it was nothing!

Dr In Sok Yi repaired a torn tendon in my brothers, (who is a veterinary surgeon), right thumb with 100% success!

They are the best! I highly recommend Dr Loucks, Greenhow and Yi!

- Dr. R. Snook, MD.

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