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If you are experiencing excessive bleeding or difficulty breathing call 911 or report to your nearest emergency facility

Post Operative Instructions

Post operative instructions will be reviewed with you before your discharge. You will receive a written copy of the discharge instructions.  Please consult with your doctor as to whether you are fit to drive, can drink alcohol or make decisions for 24 hours after surgery or if you are taking pain medication. 

When You Are Home

At home, please follow your surgeon's written instructions provided by the staff at Peak Orthopedics & Spine LLC. If you experience any problems or changes in your condition, you should contact your the office.  Your surgeon and his physicians assistant will be overseeing for your continuing care.  You can expect a telephone call from one of our nurses or assistants the morning following surgery to follow-up on your condition and answer any questions you might have.

Pain Medication

Please take your pain medication as needed according to your specific discharge instructions. If you are having issues with your medication, please call your surgeon's office to discuss available alternatives.


If you develop any signs or symptoms of Infection such as persistent fever over 101 F, redness, warmth, swelling or increased pain, please call your surgeon's office.

Complete Post-Operative Care

The Center at LincolnAt Peak Orthopedics & Spine, we are constantly striving to increase the level of service and quality of care we offer to our patients.  Many of our patients have expressed an interest in a facility that would help with their post-operative care and recovery, and would more easily bridge the gap between surgery and home.  Therefore, together with leading professionals is the field of skilled nursing, we have partnered to deveop The Center at Lincoln.  The Center at Lincoln was created to address a need in the current medical landscape, whereby allowing patients to reach their highest levels of independence and wellness while recovering in a beautiful, world-class facility.

CLICK HERE to be directed to The Center at Lincoln to learn more.

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