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Robert J. Greenhow, MD Patient Testimonials

I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your exceptional surgical skills. You are what I call a "master surgeon" and I am SO THANKFUL YOU WERE MY SURGEON. Since I was a child physical sports have been so important to me. Because of your technical skills I will always be able to be active.

Dear Dr Greenhow & Staff

You have been saved my life!! I KID YOU NOT!! I cannot thank you enough!!!! I could not walk prior to this surgery and was in pain-now I am walking again! Dr Greenhow, Brandon, Michelle.. the great surgical team.

- Patty P..

Thanks to Doctor Greenhow and the Staff. A total left knee replacement occurred on October 8th, 2015. The operation and recovery were successful as you can see the results below. Picture taken April 2017.

- Terry.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I had my right hip replaced in July 2014. I was walking without assistance in two weeks and I cant thank Dr. Greenhow enough about the success of the replacement. My legs are equal in length,and I have had no pain or problems of any kind since I had the replacement. I may have to have my left hip replaced fairly soon and I have no fears about it.

- S.H.

I just need to give a shout out to Dr. Robert Greenhow. I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Greenhow and I want to let people know how great of an experience it was. My constant hip and back pain are gone and I feel like a brand new person. I did my research and I am so glad I selected Dr. Greenhow as my surgeon. Great job doc I am back walking pain free as well as golfing and riding my bike again. I would highly recommend Dr. Greenhow if you are looking to have a hip replacement. Thanks for the great job Dr. Greenhow !

- B.S.

Although I have always referred all my patients and my family to Peak Orthopedics as it is, I had no idea what to expect when it came time for my own total hip replacement!

Dr Craig Loucks was unbelievable! The procedure only took one hour in an outpatient surgical center and I was home that evening, pain free and walking on my new hip!

Dr Rob Greenhow replaced my fathers hip several years ago and he cruised through it at 82 years old like it was nothing!

Dr In Sok Yi repaired a torn tendon in my brothers, (who is a veterinary surgeon), right thumb with 100% success!

They are the best! I highly recommend Dr Loucks, Greenhow and Yi!

- Dr. R. Snook, MD.

Yesterday i had my six-week follow-up for my right hip replacement by Dr. Greenhow. I cant tell you how amazed I am with the pain-free experience from the time of surgery to yesterday! I only had to take Tylenol after my surgery! Dr. Greenhow is the BEST!! He has given me my life back after researching for the perfect surgeon for six years. I was very hesitant about the surgery however the pain got the better of me. Dr. Greenhow reassured me that I would be out and about quickly after the surgery and that the pain would be minimal. He was correct on both points. Thank you Dr. Greenhow for your kind manner in how you treated me throughout this whole experience. I also would like to thank your assistant, Brandon, for his easy going way in making me feel comfortable. You guys are a keeper in my telephone book -:)

- V.N

I took the attached picture Saturday Morning.

While I hiked and climbed up to where I took it from I thought about all the people (especially Dr. Greenhow) who helped me get there….(literally).

It has been about a year and a half since surgery and not a day goes by that I don’t remember the experience and am grateful for the opportunity to use my left knee again.

Thanks to all of you for what you do.

- L.T

Thank you so for such an outstanding surgery and super quick recovery on my left hip! You and your staff are wonderful miracle workers.


- E.D. and Family

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I think you’re an ortho wizard. 2 years ago you gave me a new hip. 5 weeks after surgery I was mowing my lawn. I had my first knee done 6 years ago and was miserable for months and dreaded this one. Comparatively, this one has been a breeze. I recommend you to everyone I know needing ortho care. I can’t thank you enough.

- J.M.

I had my left hip replaced Feb 15,2012. I am currently 54 years old and very active. My medacta hip replacement has been very successful.

The anterior approach  surgery was done beautifully  by my surgeon Dr Robert Greenhow. I am back to riding my bike 6,000 miles per year and enjoying a pain free life. Thank you.

- C.C.

Six years ago I had my right arthritic hip replaced by the posterior method. After 2 days in the hospital I went home with a full leg brace, using a walker, sleeping(hardly) with a huge wedgie between my legs. Very painful, especially trying to sit on the toilet. After 2 weeks I went from the walker to two crutches, still only 50% weight bearing. After 4 weeks, I went to one crutch still had the wedge and "don't cross your legs" restrictions. I finally graduated to a cane after 2 months.

Now, my other arthritic hip was badly in need of replacement and I scheldued surgery with the same doctor but luckily and serendipitously I met an older than me person(I'm 73) who couldn't stop raving about his new hip and his experience with Dr. Greenhow to the point I promised him I would get a "second opinion" before going to surgery set for the next week. I called Dr. Greenhow's office the next day, set up an appointment and was so impressed that I cancelled my operation with the first doctor who said there was very little difference between the surgeries and I "shouldn't mess with success".

I am such a lucky lady. From the time I woke up in the recovery room, I have been saying, "WOW", "WOW"! The difference is Huge! 100% weight bearing my very first step! I asked the nurse again to be sure I heard her right and "no restrictions"? Compared to my first hip, I couldn't believe it. Then home with no heavy brace, no walker, no crutches, no spongy wedgie....just a cane! The crutches were there but I never used them, just a cane from the very first day. Wow! It is now week 5 and I am no longer using the cane and have only minor soreness around the incision site that improves everyday. Wow, what a difference from my other hip surgery and its recovery. In my opinion and from my experience with both procedures, the posterior method should be outlawed. Thank you Dr. Greenhow for being such an outstanding, talented, caring, surgeon. You have made such a difference for me for the rest of my life.

- C.R.

At the age of 58, my arthritis had become so bad in my knees that I had to finally resort to taking a wheelchair from the gate to the terminal at the airport. At that point, I said: "No more!" I was tired of living my life as a cripple and I was still so young.

I have had both of my knees replaced by Dr. Greenhow. In both cases, I went back to work the following week. The first one I didn't know what to expect, so I used a walker for a few weeks when I was out and about, but my second one, I never used a walker after I left the hospital. While most people may not go back to work quite so fast, I just wanted to keep my mind busy and the surgery leaves you immediately better than you were before the surgery. In both cases I had the surgery on a Monday and by Friday I had less pain than I did before the surgery.

I tell all my friends who have joint problems: "The minute your joints keep you from living life, go get them fixed. I went from being an old woman to a teenager overnight.

My husband recently had his first knee replacement by Dr. Greenhow and I have referred so many others to him as well. I have never had a second thought about whether it was the right thing to do and he was certainly the doctor to go on that journey with.

- L.W.

I spent many years as a professional ballet dancer. After that, I was still very active in athletic endeavors such as tennis and skiing. As a result, my knees were bone on bone and very painful. I consulted with Dr. Greenhow after his being recommended by another client. I have had both knees replaced and I have had no regrets. It was really rather unbelievable how fast I recovered and that I never had any pain from the first time I stood up after surgery. I think this new method surgically is truly amazing.

- J.H.

I began to experience pain about 2 years prior to surgery. Everyday became a chore centered around how to manage the pain in my hip. I really did not want surgery and was afraid to go thru it. However, I was referred to Dr Greenhow by 2 different people who both assured me I would be pleased with the outcome.

Today it is 7 weeks from surgery and my life is normal again. I am so very thankful for this procedure and thankful to Dr Greenhow and his caring staff. They have changed my life and made a difference.

- M.S.

I will recommend Dr. Greenhow and Peak Orthopedics & Spine in a heartbeat! I had total hip replacement surgery on 10/22/12, went to my son's soccer game on 10/24/12 in the rain, and walked over a mile to and from the Bronco game on 10/28/12. Surgery was on Monday at about 9 am; got to hospital room about 1 pm; walked a little that afternoon; stayed overnight; was home at 5 pm on Tuesday. Religiously went to physical therapy through Dec. 20 and played three rounds of golf in Mexico the next week. I am moving better now than I have in years!

- S.H.

At 47, I was shocked to find out I needed a hip replacement. After speaking with numerous doctors, I still did not feel comfortable with the traditional approach for my hip replacement. Then a friend recommended Dr. Greenhow. I wanted to make sure I received a state of the art implant, I wanted a quick recovery so that meant no muscles or tendons cut during surgery and I wanted to make sure I had minimal blood loss during the surgery. I was immediately impressed at my first appointment with Dr. Greenhow. My experience with the surgery, the medical center and the staff, at Peak Orthopedics has exceeded all of my expectations. I have a state of the art hip joint, my recovery was amazingly quick, and I am back to the active lifestyle I had to give up for 3 years because of the constant pain I was experiencing before my surgery. Everyone at Peak listened carefully to my concerns before and after my hip replacement. I have, and will, continue to recommend Dr. Greenhow and Peak Orthopedics to my friends and anyone who needs their type of services. It's been a wonderful experience!!!

- J.C.

Please, please, take it from a patient who had the posterior approach in Feb/2012 with another doctor and the anterior approach with Dr. Greenhow April/2012, to not even consider the posterior lateral! The recovery, the limitations, the pain are so much greater with the posterior approach and I am here to say that I couldn't be happier with the results from Dr. Greenhow and tell everyone I come into contact with that not only is the anterior approach the way of the future, but Dr. Greenhow and Peak Orthopedics have the training, the knowledge, expertise above any others I've researched. I am four months out and totally new again. In one week I was without walker or cane and had I not been restricted from the first unfortunate surgery, I would have been 100% in much less time.

The reason I didn't have the anterior approach the first time (which is what I researched and knew I wanted) was that I was told by another doctor the posterior approach was also "minimally invasive" and "same as the anterior". You cannot know the frustration and disappointment to learn my glutes were cut, my movements restricted for 3+ months, walker for 3 weeks, cane thereafter, pain level high for 2 weeks and continued pain further out. I have learned other ortho docs lead you to believe "minimally invasive" is the same and it is NOT! Do no suffer as I did. Compare and learn the facts and then go for what I consider the only approach. Do your homework and you will learn as I did, that Dr. Greenhow and Dr. Loucks excel at this procedure. I sincerely believe one day the anterior approach will become the norm, abandoning the near brutal/barbaric posterior approach that makes no sense to perform. I love my new hip and highly recommend it and Dr. Greenhow, Peak Orthopedics and Skyridge. CDC

- C.W.

I had my first hip replaced in Feb. 2011 after years of painful walking. I was amazed at the short surgical time and again at the short hospital stay - less than two days. The pain was certainly manageable and walking almost immediately after surgery was totally unexpected. My sister had her hip replaced before me using the posterier approach. She wasn't able to put weight on her hip for 6 weeks!!! It took her 6 months for full recovery and she is a mountain climber, exercise fanatic and health nut! I had my second hip replaced this Feb. and everything was the same as the first hip a year earlier. I was glad that I had done some research to find the anterior approach with Dr. Greenhow before ever committing to have surgery. Thank you Dr. Greenhow and staff!!

- S.B.

I would like to take this opportunuity to Thank Dr. Greenhow, for a job well done. I can't say enough about my surgery and recovery. I have not felt this good in a few years and I just had surgery on Friday and today is Wednesday. I am back to work and doing fantastic. Dr. Greenhow how can I express my deepest appreciation for cleaning up my shoulder and making it work correctly. Thank you so much for letting me be able to continue my daily life without pain. You are truly a miracle worker and I thank you.

- T.C.

Right around the first of the year, I began the descent into chronic hip pain that I knew would require surgery. I was facing what I thought was a surgery with daunting restrictions and a long, slow recovery. I began the process of searching for a doctor. A co-worker happened to see a segment on TV of The Doctors, that highlighted the anterior approach and she emailed me to say I should explore that option. I did a Google search and found that Drs. Greenhow and Loucke at Peak Orthopedics were about the only ones (according to Google) who perform the anterior approach in the Denver area. Not yet convinced about this "new" method, I interviewed three doctors, two of whom did the posterior surgery, and Dr. Greenhow. I also interviewd several friends who had had hip replacements by the posterior method. The other doctors and my friends tried to convince me that the anterior method really did involve cut muscles, possible numbness and blood loss, and extolled their tried and true posterior method. However, the anterior approach kept coming to my attention in a very positive way. Finally, I found someone who actually had her surgery by this method and she was ecstatic about how easy it had been. So after a couple interviews with Dr. Greenhow, I made my decision and decided that was the way I wanted to go. I am so grateful to my colleague who first introduced the idea to me and for all the other positive information that began to come my way. The surgery was a great success, the restrictions non-existent and the recovery amazingly quick. I didn't need any pain medication and after about 10 days, I was walking without a walker or cane. Dr. Greenhow's staff is superb, as is the staff at Sky Ridge Medical Center. My other hip is going to need surgery sooner or later and while I don't relish another surgery, I'll be happy when that hip is as flexible and pain-free as my replacement hip. I don't know why anyone would choose the "old fashioned" method over the anterior approach.

- J.P.

Although I was referred to Dr. Greenhow by my primary care physician, I did research on different orthopedic doctors in the area. The opinions were all the same: Dr. Greenhow is one of the best. I had a scope on my knee to repair a meniscus tear in 2008, rotator cuff repair in 2009 and a knee replacement in 2011. Except for the meniscus tear, Dr. Greenhow prescribed cortisone injections, hyalgen injections and/or physical therapy before the decision was made to do surgery.

The rotator cuff repair was a success. The shoulder is stronger than ever. Friends and family were impressed that I have not had any problems with the shoulder. They had heard stories that this type of surgery could be a very difficult one to recover from.

After a course of treatments with injections on the knee, the decision was made to do the knee replacement. Everything went fairly quick after the decision was made. A CT scan was done on the knee and my surgery was scheduled for six weeks later, so my specific part(s) could be made. With the ConforMis knee replacement, the devices are made specifically for the patient -it isn't a one size fits all!!! Sky Ridge's Spine and Total Joint Center (where the procedure was done) even had a class that patients went through so they could know what to do and expect before and after the surgery. This was a great tool, as it really prepared me for the surgery and the following recovery.

The knee replacement took place in March of 2011 and in March of 2012 I received the "all clear" from Dr. Greenhow. I don't have to see Dr. Greenhow for six years now. The knee replacement and the ensuing physical therapy (don't ever forget to do the PT - it is a very integral part of the recovery) gave me my life back. I now walk without pain. Eventually my other knee will have to be replaced, and I won't hesitate to have Dr. Greenhow perform the procedure.

Both Dr. Greenhow and the staff at Peak Orthopedics have always been professional, courteous, knowledgeable and caring through my journeys. Thank you Dr. Greenhow and Peak Orthopedics for giving me my life back.

- K.B.

First a knee in 2009, then a hip in 2010. I've convinced my grandsons that I am going to become a Transformer! Dr. Greenhow did a terrific job on both procedures. I actually left the hospital the day after the surgery on my hip. His procedures are state-of-the-art, his office staff and assistants are first class professionals. I also heard very positive comments about his work from both the hospital and the Physical Therapy staffs. I consider that a real plus because they were not equally positive about all of the other doctors.

- R.B.

I had hip pain for several months that kept getting worse. It got where I was using a rail to pull myself up the stairs, or I would turn backward and sit and use my arms to scoot up the stairs one at a time. I'm 66 years old an weighed 288lbs at the time. It was getting hard to use the stairs at all. I went to my treating physician and she got x-rays, an MRI, etc. she then said "You need to see Dr. Greenhow." I'm not particularly well known for taking advice, but I give her an exception. I saw the Dr. A few days later an he sent me to get a fluoroscopic injection in the hip. Nothing. So off I went to surgery. It was an extraordinarily efficient setup. I got a new hip in about 2 hours and no muscles were cut!! Three more recovery days in the hospital and I went home, able to get around with a walker. I went to a cane within a week, and I can walk about a mile over rough ground. This is three months post-op! I'm in PT (ALWAYS ALWAYS DO THE PT) and doing well enough that it will be a year before my next follow-up with Dr. Greenhow!

- J.K.

Wow, what can I say, my experience with Dr. Greenhow was amazing. We did a Total Hip Replacement - Anterior Approach - on February the 22nd, 2012, and today (April 2nd, 2012), and I was back at work 2½ weeks later!! I am walking and moving around, actually forgetting that I had the surgery... Wow, less than 7 weeks after my surgery... I am almost running up the stairs, and forgetting not to flat out sprint when crossing streets! Haha. I do want this to last, so I will hold off on the running I was back at work in a bit less than 3 weeks, amazing I'd have to say! People at work just didn't understand, they were in a bit of shock, and couldn't believe how fast I recovered! I now refer everyone I can! I have to say that probably the best moment post op was when I tied my shoes standing up, I take nothing for granted anymore. My pain has totally, yes... totally disappeared! Amazing. My Physical Therapist was amazed when he saw 'No Restrictions' on the referral! :-) He then went on to working me hard, which I was very proud to show him I could do whatever he asked. I will head out hiking with my boys this weekend, and probably play a round of golf. I feel like I have a new, pain free life. All I can say, is that this minimally invasive approach (He didn't cut any muscles or tendons) to THR is what I've been waiting for, and I am so happy I did. See you on the slopes next season!!!

- R.G.

I had been in a lot of pain from my right hip during 2011. The pain was excruciating just doing normal activates around the house or yard. During a round of golf I usually started really hurting after about 5-6 holes. I was living on Aleve. In early December I had made a decision that I probably needed to talk to a surgeon about a total hip replacement. I searched for several weeks late last year to find the latest technology for total hip replacements and local surgeons that perform this procedure. After looking at several resumes of Surgeons and visiting with two of them, I settled on Dr. Greenhow. (I might add that my every day Medical Doctor had recommended a Doctor who is well versed in hip replacements, albeit the standard posterior method. I saw too many of these and their long recovery times. I didn't want this at my age of 75.) As part of my due diligence I talked with a patient who had used Dr. Greenhow. The remarks were quite complimentary. This added to my desire to have Dr. Greeenhow perform the surgery.

At this juncture I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Greenhow for his professionalism, his knowledge and skills in the Anterior approach for my right hip. I can't say enough about the post surgery recovery time. I left the hospital with a walker and when I got home I used a walking stick for a day then that was it for support. I started walking and just continued to do what felt right. I dumped the pain meds the day I got home and when to Tylenol at bedtime. I started PT about three weeks after surgery and only slight pain after a workout. I am ready for golf after 6 weeks. I continue to ask myself why I didn't do this sooner. In conclusion, I think having the Anterior procedure performed was the right decision but a big part of the easy recovery was due to the skill of the surgeon, Dr. Greenhow. Thank you Dr. Greenhow for letting me be able to continue my daily life without pain.

- R.F.

To my surprise, at only 58 years of age, I faced the prospect of Total Hip Replacement surgery. Fortunately, as an anesthesiologist working with Peak Orthopedics at Skyridge Medical Center, I was aware of a new surgical technique for hip replacement known as "minimally invasive" or "anterior" Total Hip Replacement. Dr. Craig Loucks, (as well as his partner, Dr. Rob Greenhow) are nationally recognized experts in this procedure. After undergoing the procedure as an inpatient as Skyridge Medical Center, I recovered extrodinarily quickly and easily. I was walking without a walker on the first day after surgery, and was discharged home on the 2nd day after surgery. I took almost no pain medication. Within a week, I was able to drive a car. I went back to work full time in the operating room after 3 weeks. I played ping pong after 4 weeks. I am now walking smoothly and back to all routine activities. I expect to be skiing this spring. My wife is amazed and grateful for my speedy recovery!

- Dr. G. Sullivan

I desire to thank Dr. Greenhow, and all associated with Peak Orthopedics & Spine for their professionalism, care, consideration, respect and sense of humor from the start to finish of my left hip surgery/replacement (AMIS - Anterior Minimally InvasiveSurgery). All were excellent. In addition, Sky Ridge Hospital (where the hip surgery/replacement occurred) was outstanding as well. I would highly, and without any reservation, recommend Dr. Greenhow and PO&S to anyone considering hip replacement.

- A.T.

October and December 2007 both of my hips were replaced in Rapid City, SD. The right hip was in constant pain for 4 years. If you watch TV, my hips were the ones recalled. To see Dr. Greenhow is a 900 mile round trip. It is worth it! Five days after the operation I was walking as good as I was at 5 weeks on the previous posterior operations. Now 16 days later I am walking out to my shop and working several hours with no cane, crutches, etc.. Yes there is still minor pain involved after the replacement but you get your life back in a couple weeks instead of months. Thank you Dr. Greenhow.

- R.S.

Dr. Greenhow gave me my life back!

I was referred to Dr. Greenhow by my primary physician but did further research before agreeing to a knee replacement. I spoke with Dr. Greenhow's medical colleagues: a physical therapist, a nurse at Skyridge hospital and a medical equipment salesperson who witnessed Dr. Greenhow's surgeries. Their comments were all superlative. "He is the best!" "You will be in very good hands with Dr. Greenhow." "He is number one, two and three in my book." "His patients seem to recover more quickly than those of other surgeons."

When I compared my recovery milestones with those of my friends', I truly did recover faster! If I ever need the other knee replaced I won't hesitate asking Dr. Greenhow to do it.

After limited mobility for several years, I am now able to hike, bike, golf, etc. again.

Dr. Greenhow truly gave me my life back!

- D.P.

To Dr. Greenhow, A note to express my deepest appreciation for my superior total knee replacement performed 5 1/2 months ago. You are truly a miracle worker! This week I climbed & hiked to the very top of Shrine Mountain off Vail Pass & Eagle Mountain plus Silvan Lake without a minutes trouble or post pain. My friends & climbing partners were totally amazed (especially after the pain I suffered last year completing hikes only 1/10th as steep, and being over 85 years old). If I may be of any further assistance to you to demonstrate the great success of your technique, please do not hesitate to contact me.


- M.G.

In mid-May I contacted your office from Florida, which is where my husband and I spend the winter months. I had had an anterior hip replacement there in Feb. 2009, which unfortunately had developed loosening of the acetabular component, and was causing me horrendous pain. The original surgeon said he did no revisions! ( My only other option was to have a posterior revision done by another surgeon, and I did not want that. So after spending a lot of time on your website, decided to call for information. I want to compliment Carla because she answered the phone, was so friendly and helpful, and took the time to listen to me. Eventually she connected me to Beth! This turned into my salvation. Beth was patient, knowledgeable and guided me to send her a packet ahead of my arrival to give the doctor as much information as I had available.

I was stunned by their professionalism, compassion and willingness to be helpful. I am so grateful! I was given the earliest appointment possible with Dr. Greenhow, on May 31st, and was lucky enough to get flight arrangements to get here on time. I had my anterior hip revision surgery on June 27th at Skyridge with Dr. Greenhow, and I am presently recovering. Dr. Greenhow is such a busy surgeon, but took a lot of time to examine me initially and explain all the facts. He also has taken the time to call me back and speak to me when I have had questions and concerns. I can only speak in superlatives about Dr. Greenhow. I am most thankful for this generous treatment by him! Please express my heartfelt "kudos" to all I have mentioned.

- D.F.

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