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Staying Healthy During Sports

The doctors of PEAK Orthopedics suggest various ways to stay healthy during sporting activities. From stretching to staying hydrated, get advice from the experts!

Competing With Back Problems

Dr. Hugh McPherson confirms that a spinal injury does not necessarily mean the end of an athletic career. Once diagnosed with a back problem, is it possible for an athlete to compete again?

Handling Spinal Injuries on the Field

Learn what to do as a coach if you suspect an athlete has sustained a spinal chord injury on the field.

Neck Injuries

Dr. Lloyd Mobley talks to about common neck injuries among athletes and when symptoms should be a cause for concern.

Fractures in Children

Dr. Craig Louckes of PEAK Orthopedics discusses differences in bone structure between kids and adults which leads to a difference in fractures, break and sprains.

Proper Gear

As Dr. Robert Greenhow explians, the most important way to prevent injury is to be equiped with the appropriate safety gear for activity.

Overuse Injury

Many athletic injuries are related to over-working the body such as pitchers in baseball. Learn more about how to prevent these types of overuse injuries from Dr. Mark Fitzgerald of PEAK Orthopedics.

Shoulder Injury

According to Dr. Mark Fitzgerald of PEAK Orthopedics, a main cause for shoulder related injury is a lack of technique on the field.

Mile High Sports Television Show

Football Preview: Mile High Sports Television Show Part 4 -SportZu Mile High Sports' partners at present valuable information about keeping your child athlete safe and healthy all season long.

Spinal Care

Diagnosing Back and Neck Pain Expert knowledge from Dr. Hugh McPherson on the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck pains.

Recognizing Neck and Back Pain

Learn the names of some common spinal problems from Dr. Hugh McPherson of PEAK Orthopedics and Spine.


Dr. McPherson talks about spondylolisthesis and the conditions that may cause it in your child.

MRI's and Disk Herniation

Step into Dr. McPherson's office as he describes what an MRI is and how to identify a disk herniation on the MRI photo.


Learn all about the spinal disorder Scoliosis from PEAK orthopedics' Dr. Hugh McPherson.

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